About Us

Our Mission

Founded in December 2016, Dunwoody WildCat 5e Team 6705 has 17 active members. The mission of WildCat 5e is the encouragement of future innovators by fostering a passion in science and technology. WildCat 5e will provide opportunities for students to apply and expand foundational knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom through applications in design, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, and business skills. Dunwoody WildCat 5e will expand students’ understanding of everything from brand design, marketing, and all aspects of a business model to engineering and technology, including computer aided design (CAD), computer programming, electrical systems, drivetrains and pneumatics. This season’s robot game is called FIRST STEAMworks and it launched in January. We now have six weeks to build our robot. We are registered to compete at qualifying events in Dalton and Albany in March and hope to make it to the State Championship in Athens and the World Competition in Houston in April.

The Team

Coaches and Mentors

Diane Grant
Head Coach

Rose Thomas
Teacher Sponsor

Donna Daly
Fundraising Mentor

Keith Grant
Build Mentor

Doug McMahon
Software and Electrical Mentor

Cara Knight
Marketing Mentor

Mike Coddington
Mechanical and Electrical Mentor

Chad Griffith
Engineering Mentor


Jackson Grant

David Knight
VP Engineering; Head of Strategy & Design

Jackson Kuller
VP Business; Outreach Manager

Cole Griffith
Build Team Manager

Noah Covey
Head of Programming; Web Designer

Jason Hughes
CAD Manager; Marketing

Sawyer Mauldin
Head of Electrical Engineering

Lauren Caplan
Scouting; Social Media Manager

Nathan Stefanik
Programming Manager

Ben Warren
Game Rules Manager

Noah Daly
Fundraising Manager

Parker Garrett
Travel Manager; Treasurer

Martin Federico
Treasurer; Marketing

Andrew Hill
Scouting Manager; Social Media Team

Cameron Raj
Shop and Pit Manager

Shraya Nainwal
Mentoring Manager

About the 2017 Season

This year's game is called FIRST STEAMworks and it launched on January 7th. The game takes place in an era in which technology relied on steam power. In the game, two alliances of three teams each are tasked with preparing their airships for takeoff through a variety of methods. Teams must build steam pressure by burning fuel (balls) in boilers (goals). Teams must get their airships' rotors turning by delivering gears, which are lifted up to the airship. Finally, teams must climb a rope and board the airship at the end of the game. Points are scored for each of these tasks. Each game lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds, including a 15-second autonomous period, and whichever alliance has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

The team has 6 weeks to design, build, and program the robot, and the team is registered to compete at qualifying events in Dalton and Albany in March. We hope to advance to the District Championship in Athens and the World Championship in Houston in April.

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